A poem for the Sharks Boys Soccer Team

"The Way to The Top"


"Way back in 1998 I wrote a poem for the Nease girls state basketball winners and would like to “reprise” it for the PV boys’ soccer state champions..."
— Jerry Norton

The Way To The Top


The way to the top isn't easy at all

It's filled with distractions and chances to fall.

The ultimate prize that so many pursue

Is reserved, after all, for a fortunate few.


So what are the traits that our winners possess

That’s absent from those who achieve something less?

It's talent, of course, plus commitment and pride,

And a will to succeed buried deep down inside.


You also were guided each step every day

By someone who’d been there to show you the way.

The wise would take heed and then rise to the test

When the moment of truth sorts the best from the rest. 


To capture the gold, every player must stand

And reach out together with one common hand.

Only then is it sure that success is to come

When all in the group stand together as one.


To climb to the top-be the best you can be.

This sets you apart from all others, you see.

The journey now over-all challengers met.

The honor you’ve won you will never forget.


No-The way to the top wasn't easy at all.

Avoiding distractions, you never did fall.

You stand at the summit. Now look down and smile.

 The view from the top makes your effort worthwhile.


                                Jerry Norton