Abstract painter Cyndi Horn is Butterfield Garage’s featured artist for June


Butterfield Garage’s featured artist for June is abstract painter Cyndi Horn. Her newest series of both cruciform and minimalist mixed-media canvases will be on display.

Horn graduated from Florida State University with a degree in graphic design. Most of her career life has been spent with design studios, advertising agencies and TV broadcast networks where she has been recognized on the local and state levels with Addy Awards.

She painted at a young age for meditation and gratification and did not return to fine art until 2014 when she moved from Atlanta, Georgia, to Florida.

Her design influence provides a strong foundation for her non-objective work. Using color, line, shapes, textures and text in her multi-media pieces, she works intuitively, allowing her impulses to drive the direction the piece takes. Simplifying and creating a visual rhythm is the underlying esthetic in her work. 

Horn has become fascinated with using cruciforms as a unifying structure, in which she divides the canvas into active and calm areas. The intersecting crossovers and adjoining elements are meant to captivate the viewer’s imagination. Her minimalism paintings are stripped-down, simple compositions that evoke through color or shape an expansive, restful moment.

Horn is a member of the Society of Mixed Media Artists and has won several awards in the group’s exhibits. She has been a member of Butterfield Garage Gallery for the last two years.

Butterfield Garage is located at 137 King St. in St. Augustine.