Aqua Grill to host Luck + Love Dinner Feb. 7


To celebrate the Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day, Aqua Grill is teaming with Chef Mimi Lan to host a modern Vietnamese dinner on Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 6:30 p.m.

Chef Mimi Lan calls her food VIGLO, Vietnamese with global influences, combining Vietnamese flavors with familiar ingredients, and adding a twist from other culinary worlds to create new, hybrid dishes.

A VIGLO event is a five-course dinner that includes a cocktail and amuse-bouche, with each menu carefully planned. No VIGLO menu is repeated. What’s so special about this upcoming dinner, said Aqua Grill, is the authenticity of the dishes chosen not just for their taste but also for their symbols and meanings behind the theme: Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day. The rarity of each dish also makes the dinner special, the restaurant added, especially the final course “Cao Lau,” a special noodle dish only available in Hoi An, Vietnam. The chef and her husband carried this noodle on the plane from their recent Vietnam trip for this particular event.

Aqua Grill Executive Chef Mike Thomashunis will be working on this culinary event. To sign up for this dinner, which is $95 per person, visit Aqua Grill or register at (search VIGLO).