Artificial intelligence to bring security, safety, health monitoring to smart building

The link partners with Kognition to incorporate state-of-the-art innovations


When the link opens this summer, the 22,000-square-foot co-working space and innovation incubator in Nocatee Town Center will be among the marquee facilities to incorporate the very latest in safety and security technology.

Visionary entrepreneur Raghu Misra has announced that the link team is working with technology leader Matias Klein and his company, Kognition, to assemble an environment that tracks and automates many health and safety measures in the building at 425 Town Plaza Ave.

Kognition’s AI — artificial intelligence — software platform processes data from cameras, video analytics, sensors and connected devices in real time to detect suspicious human activity, threats, irregularities and other health and security policy violations.

“We are pleased to have Matias and his team create a safer, smarter and more secure campus,” said Misra. “The link’s overarching and innovative connectivity in Northeast Florida combined with Kognition’s state-of-the-art solutions will unlock significant value for us as property owners and operators. The link will be the first facility in the area designed at the same level as many of the world’s largest companies with building intelligence and sustainability.”

Data from the many devices installed in a building are fed into the artificial intelligence system for analysis. The fusion of artificial intelligence and the network of devices, sometimes called the Internet of Things, creates a higher-level intelligence and automation through an interdisciplinary approach, thus performing tasks that would normally require human intelligence, but at a fraction of the cost.

“Advancements in deep learning and smart spaces AI are creating a paradigm shift in virtually every facet of the built environment,” said Klein. “We are pleased to provide the link with an intelligent enterprise software infrastructure that promotes safety, security and health for its members, visitors and employees — especially during the pandemic environment and beyond.”

Basically, the artificial intelligence monitors the data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, looking for security violations and safety threats. If any such violation or threat is discovered, the system alerts human operators so that they can take action.

It can identify the presence of anyone who’s been banned from the building or anyone against whom there is a restraining order. It can identify suspected hackers, connect to watch lists and detect possible firearms. Then, it can prevent suspicious people from entering the building.

Audio functions can detect glass breaking, people screaming or even noise from a party.

On the health side, the platform can take the temperatures of anyone entering the facility or detect whether the person is wearing a mask if that is mandated. Violators would not be admitted to the premises.

The system can also monitor for adherence to social distancing norms and incorporate contact tracing.

Klein expressed enthusiasm for the link and his company’s involvement.

“It’s exciting here in Nocatee with the link and Raghu Misra, what’s he doing here,” he said. “He’s creating a next-generation smart building, where everything is state-of-the-art … He wants people to come to the link and feel safe, feel secure and more secure, more safe than they would be anywhere else.”

Klein sees a greater role for this type of technology in the years ahead.

“I believe that AI in the future will run all buildings,” he said. “The core functions: security, safety, energy savings like lighting, HVAC, maintenance — even logistics and customer experience. It’s all going to be run by AI.”

Misra also plans to collaborate with Kognition to train a group of young people in the emerging field of innovative sciences and leadership studies with a focus on mindsets and behaviors essential to improvement and practice with video tagging; machine learning; economic, environmental, social and cultural impacts; and more.

Misra said the Nocatee community merits infrastructure that includes elements like the link.

“As businesses adjust, prepare and continue to operate safely, building owners and operators are looking for opportunities to incorporate secure technology solutions that adhere to changing health safety measures,” he said. “We are dedicated to proactively improving the security for all who are in the internal and external proximity of our building. The outpouring of support, interest and collaboration from potential technologists, partners, members and users of the space is very encouraging. We affirm the need for this type of model project and innovators like Matias and Kognition to position the one-of-a-kind venue for our members.”

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