At-home workers, seniors have new option to alleviate computer confusion

Mobile computer service offers safe at-home training and repairs


The pandemic has changed many things about the way the world works, but perhaps one of the most notable is the fact that working from home has become a societal norm.

Working from home comes with its perks, such as less exposure to the virus and an opportunity to stay in pajamas all day, but it also comes with some difficulties. Especially for those who are unfamiliar with advanced computer systems/softwares.

Thanks to a new mobile computer service, Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra residents struggling with computer maintenance and usage now have somewhere to turn. 

Cassadee Hierlmeier started her business, Computer Nerdess, about five years ago in a county near Tampa Bay. She got into the hang of computer repairing/teaching from her father, a former coding and software specialist in the military who began his own mobile computer service business nearly 15 years ago.

The focus of Hierlemeier’s business is to help clients learn operating systems, but she also offers services for virus removal, slow softwares, cabling, CCTV/camera installation and the
selling/building of new computers.

In the past it was primarily seniors who contacted Hierlemeier for her assistance, but since the pandemic she said the demographic of clients has changed.

“If you are not in college, or you are not working anymore, then who teaches you how to work a computer?” said Hierlemeier. “I like helping others who need a little bit of help.”

For her services, Hierlemeier enters a client’s home to sit down with them for however long they need to get the hang of computer systems and softwares, but when it comes to hardware repairs she will take the machinery back to her home workshop until they are fixed. Safety wise, she said she always arrives prepared with a mask and gloves, and tells clients that they can sit at a distance for the lessons if they prefer.

As a relatively new North Florida resident, Hierlmeier said she is looking forward to bringing her assistance to those in the community that need it.

Her mobile computer service charges by the hour. Interested clients can arrange a consultation phone call and decide on a course of action for lessons/repairs. Contact Hierlmeier by email at or by phone at (352) 585-0533.