Athlete of the Week: Lauren Bing


In this edition of Athlete of the Week, the Recorder featured Ponte Vedra High School cross country runner Lauren Bing, who finished in second place at a meet last week. Bing revealed how much she practices, what she finds to be the hardest aspect of the sport, how she remains hydrated in the humid Florida weather and more.

What is the hardest aspect of the sport?


The 10 minutes before the race I think is the hardest because you're freaking out and you're trying to remember all your paces and that you have to run for 3.1 miles and you're all shaky. That's probably the hardest part.

How do you pace yourself?

My freshman year I would always say "my last mile is my best mile." I wouldn't go out very fast and then slowly pick it up. This year, going out fast has made me keep that pace so people won't pass me. I think going out fast is the best way to go.


How often do you practice?


Every day, except for Sundays. I mean, Sundays I'll maybe do an easy run but pretty much every day.


How do you stay hydrated?


I have a water bottle with me all the time, and there are water fountains at the school so I’ll refill it all the time and drink throughout the day.