Better Business Bureau: Be prepared for the hurricane season


With forecasters predicting an “extremely active” 2024 hurricane season, Better Business Bureau (BBB) is encouraging Floridians to start preparing now for potential storms. The best way to protect yourself and your property during Florida’s hurricane season is to know as much as possible about hurricanes and how to prepare for them.
Better Business Bureau provides a Florida Hurricane Guide at to help Florida's consumers, businesses and nonprofits prepare for hurricane season, which runs June 1 to Nov 30. Within this hurricane guide, you will find tips on disaster preparedness, recovery and repair, how to avoid storm chaser scams, additional government resources and tips on giving wisely to disaster relief charities.
BBB recommend the following steps to prepare for hurricane season:

  1. Create an emergency plan: Develop a plan that includes evacuation routes, a designated meeting place and contact information for family members and emergency services.
  2. Stock up on necessary supplies: Gather enough food, water and other supplies to last at least three days in case of a power outage or other emergency.
  3. Secure your home: Ensure that your home is fortified against high winds and heavy rain by adding or upgrading any necessary opening protections, roof to wall connections, roof covering and securing loose items around your yard.
  4. Stay informed: Monitor weather reports and stay tuned to local news and emergency alerts for the latest information on potential storms.

In the event of a natural disaster, Floridians are reminded that any repair work performed on a home or business should be completed by a licensed professional.
“Unlicensed contractors often will travel from out of state to a disaster area attempting to take advantage of uninformed consumers,” said Tom Stephens, president and CEO of BBB Serving Northeast Florida & The Southeast Atlantic. “The best way to prepare is to be proactive in selecting a properly licensed contractor and to use good judgment with sales calls, door-to-door pitches or low prices that appear too good to be true.”
Take action now to strengthen your home against hurricane winds by finding local, licensed and reputable contractors. Start with trust and look for the BBB Accredited Business Seal.

For reliable information, lists of BBB accredited businesses by industry and Florida business profiles you can trust, go to Always verify a contractor’s license by going to