Biker touring the country for Chemo Noir charity enters last leg of journey


After nearly 6 months of bike riding across the country, Greg Taylor has officially entered his remaining leg of the 11,500-mile journey.

In late February, Taylor set out from Jacksonville with the intention of biking to the four corners of the continental United States to raise money for local cancer support charity, Chemo Noir. His first part of the ride took him west across Louisiana and Texas all the way to San Diego, California. From San Diego, Taylor biked up the western coast until he reached Seattle, Washington. Then Taylor began the trek back east across Montana, Wyoming and Ohio until finally he made it to Niagara Falls, on June 9. After spending a few days camping at Niagara Falls, Taylor will enter his final stretch of the bike ride by travelling south down the Eastern seaboard and back to Jacksonville.

“It is really mind blowing,” said Katrin Casey, founder/chairman of Chemo Noir and one of Taylor’s close friends. “He has been so disciplined about it.”

Along the way, Taylor has faced his fair share of hardships, but remained positive and upbeat throughout it all. Weather has played a big part in Taylor’s journey, and Casey said that he has faced almost every kind of weather situation imaginable. From nor’easters, to fog so dense he could barely see, from sweltering heat and pouring rain, to 30-degree weather and snow in Wyoming. Taylor has overcome the problems with a smile on his face.

“The mental state he has, to stay this focused and this positive,” Casey said. “That is what I mean by next level.”

Taylor has collected donations along the way from supporters online and people he met on his travels, all of which goes toward Chemo Noir. So far, he has raised nearly $85,000, and Casey said they plan to well surpass their $100,000 goal. Especially since one of Taylor’s old friends will be matching every donation up to $1,000 once Taylor reaches Maine. And during the last five states Taylor will travel, Virginia through Florida, another generous donor will match every donation up to $5,000.

Taylor’s can-do spirit and daily shoutouts on social media have allowed thousands of people to follow along with his journey, and Casey said that Taylor has loved every second of his travelling, which has given him a chance to see the country in a way he never had before.

Casey herself will be riding the last 40-50 miles into Jacksonville with Taylor to their celebration party at Southern Swells. Originally Taylor’s predicted return date was mid-August, but with how many miles he has been covering in a day, Taylor is way ahead of schedule and now precited to make it back to Florida by mid-late July.

“He is keeping the perspective that he is riding for something bigger than himself,” Casey said, “and I think that is what drives him every day.”

You can keep up with Taylor’s remainder of his biking journey by following him on Instagram at @usacancercyle, or go to to make a donation.


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