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Blue Hawaii most likely


Some of you are old enough to know that Elvis, made a movie, “Blue Hawaii,” back in the ‘60s. Angela Lansbury portrayed his mother in the film. She was priceless as a typical stereotyped Southern mother. Elvis’s music in that film is the best of Elvis. His sweet voice is calming and charming as there is very little of his “rock and roll” style music in it. I could watch the movie over and over just to hear his music. The strange thing is that when he was so popular, I didn’t like him at all; mainly because I had never ever really listened to his good music. His gyrations were enough to turn me off at that time of my life. I was a classical music nut and truly very opinionated about any music other than the masters’ works. I have matured, it seems.

The reason I am writing about “Blue Hawaii” — my granddaughter and her husband are leaving Maui after living and working over here for the past year and a half. I’m sure that their new friends there are ‘blue’ over losing them. I am ecstatic that they are leaving and coming to live in Jacksonville. How great is that!

One of Jacque Huber’s beautiful quilts, that is being exhibited at the Cultural Center Oct. 9th – Oct. 23rd features Elvis. Jacque is donating seventeen of his handmade quilts to be raffled off, after the exhibit, “Quilts for a Cause.” All of the money will be used for the outreach programs at the Center.

Jacque and his wife Linda toured the Cultural Center with Leigh Rodante from the Center. They were so impressed by the facilities’ arts programs and outreach initiatives including music therapy for children with special needs, scholarships for financially underserved individuals, and arts classes for seniors with early dementia, that they decided to expand their philanthropic mission to the Cultural Center.

Ms. Rodante states, “Each quilt is meticulously hand sewn with a beautifully created design and carefully chosen color palette. Jacque’s passion and dedication for his art is evident with every stitch made on each quilt. His process for each piece is methodic and precise from the beginning design to the final product. His creations aren’t just quilts, they are finely crafted pieces of art that can be functional bed quilts or become beautiful wall art.”

“Jacque has been quilting since 2003 and has chosen to always give away his creations to family, friends, and charitable organizations. For the past 3 years he has donated his quilts to the Ronald McDonald House of Jacksonville for their annual fund raising auction. In addition, he has donated 10 quilts to the McDonald House for use in their rooms. The St. George Fire and Rescue Fund of Tenants Harbor, Maine and the Port Clyde, Maine Baptist Church Annual fund have also received quilts.”

Jacque states, “CCPVB is a perfect fit for my first quilt exhibit on the first coast’ it’s in the community where we live, possess a first class art facility, and most important, the proceeds to support their CCPVB outreach programs.”

The public is invited to the preview opening, Oct. 9 at the Cultural Center of Ponte Vedra, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. Raffle tickets will be on sale starting Sept. 14 through Dec. 12 at http://ccpvb.org/exhibitions/quilt-exhibition. Tickets are one for $25 or $5 for $100 and can be purchased online, by phone or in CCPVB front office. The Cultural Center is located at 50 Executive Way. Call (904) 280-0614 for more.