Boost your brain for the holidays


Serious mental decline is not an inevitable part of aging. Seniors can boost their short- and long-term brain health and significantly lower the risk of dementia if they take the right steps right now.
Keeping the brain young and healthy takes more than crossword puzzles, brain games and Sudoku. The keys lie in lifestyle factors and often have a greater impact on our health than genetics.

“The Age-Proof Brain,” a virtual presentation will provide information at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 7. To register, go to

In this discussion, based on insights from his just-released published book, “The Age-Proof Brain,” Dr. Marc Milstein will teach the little things that can positively impact day-to-day mental health and protect the brain for years down the road.

Attendees will learn:

  • The importance of combatting feelings of isolation and how to stay connected, especially over the holiday season.
  • The impact of being social on brain health and what types of social activity are best for the brain.
  • Surprising science-based solutions for a happiness boost.  
  • How to keep your memory sharp.

Simple but powerful wellness tips to lower the risk of anxiety, depression, and dementia.

Milstein is an internationally recognized speaker on optimizing brain health, lowering risk of dementia and boosting happiness and productivity. He engages audiences with breakthrough research and valuable take-home tips while entertaining his audience with humor and stories and empowering them with usable strategies. Attendees leave with immediate tools, key solutions and motivation to transform and maximize productivity, energy and longevity.

It will be presented in association with The Windsor at San Pablo, 4000 San Pablo Parkway, Jacksonville.


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