Business owners unite to help each other, senior community


A group of local business owners working with the senior community has come together to support each other’s efforts and give back to the area’s senior population.

Known as Ponte Vedra Senior Advocates (PVSA), the group was established last year by Ponte Vedra Home Care owner Seth Movsovitz.

 “I had a couple of close friends in the industry and we were communicating and sharing some of the things that were going on in our businesses,” Movsovitz said. "The group grew naturally because we were basically supporting each other and helping each other out with the businesses, and we decided, ‘Let's go ahead and form a group.’"

PVSA, explained Movsovitz, opens the lines of communication with other professionals in the field of elder care. In doing so, the local business owner noted that group members are educating each other on the various services available to seniors in the area, and seniors are getting connected to the services they need.

"Ponte Vedra is one of the most beautiful places in America and there are quite a few people who come here to retire," he said. "We want this community to have the resources available so that these people can have the quality of life they're looking for in their later years."

Movsovitz said he started the group primarily to support business owners in elder care-related fields. Knowing what other businesses can provide to the community "is a real plus,” he added, and every PVSA business owner needs a personalized network of resources to offer clients and their families.

PVSA members own a business in the senior care field and work with the elderly in some form or fashion, Movsovitz said. The Ponte Vedra Home Care owner noted that prospective group members don't need a referral.

"We don't particularly care for that model and that's not what we're about," he said. "We all have our strategic alliances with other members and other groups in the senior care industry that we refer to and rely upon to be a part of our own networks."

PVSA consists of Mary Daniel from Claim Medic, Sheri Parkinson from Southeastern Medequip Inc., Heather Jackson from Jackson Personal Financial Services, Mary Quinn Shalz from Quinn-Shalz family funeral home, Helen Stern from Del Mar Designs, Rebecca Cooper from The Homestead Advantage and Dave Steiglitz from Oasis Senior Advisors.

"We meet once a month," Movsovitz said. "If one of the owners is having an issue with possibly some employees or if someone has a marketing idea they want to run by the group, they're free to do so with all of us."

PVSA’s next regularly-scheduled meeting will take place April 24 at Pusser's in Ponte Vedra. According to Movsovitz, the first 30 to 40 minutes of the monthly meetings are set aside to discuss the state of each member’s company.

The group will hold its first event, entitled “Navigating the Waves of Aging,” at Beach Diner in Ponte Vedra Beach on Wednesday, April 18 from 4 to 5 p.m. The event will offer attendees a chance to ask questions about confusing medical bills, durable medical equipment, senior living options, home care and more while enjoying coffee and cookies.

For more information, contact Movsovitz via email at