Chabad at the Beaches invites community to ‘Sukkot Under the Stars’


Chabad at the Beaches is planning "Sukkot Under the Stars," an enchanting and meaningful event that invites the entire community to come together and celebrate the festival of Sukkot in a unique and memorable way. People of all backgrounds are invited to experience the joy and festivities of Sukkot, a Jewish holiday known as the "Holiday of Joy."

This event embraces the spirit of unity and celebration as attendees come together to rejoice under the open sky.

It will be held at 7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 29, at The Aaron and Blanche Scharf Chabad Center, 521 A1A N, Ponte Vedra Beach. Admission is $18 for adults, $15 for children (all ages). Sponsorship opportunities are available.

A capacity crowd is expected, so timely reservations are important. RSVP to

The centerpiece of the evening is the sukkah, a temporary outdoor structure adorned with natural materials like branches and fruits. Guests will have the opportunity to step into the sukkah, a symbol of joy and shelter and immerse themselves in the traditions and customs associated with Sukkot.

There will be a kosher cuisine and traditional Sukkot delicacies.

"Sukkot Under the Stars" is a family-friendly event. Children will have their own special activities, ensuring that everyone can join in the festivities. Organizers say that, whether you're well-versed in the traditions of Sukkot or simply curious to learn more, "Sukkot Under the Stars" promises a memorable experience for all.

For more information, contact Dafne at or 904-770-0502.

Chabad at the Beaches is dedicated to building a strong and connected community where individuals of all ages can come together to celebrate, learn and grow. Events, like "Sukkot Under the Stars" aim to foster meaningful connections and provide enriching experiences for our community members.