Florida’s unique fall fashion

Clothing colors change with new season


Florida is unique from the rest of the country and that includes the world of fashion.

With fall right around the corner, that means not only does the weather and leaves begin to change, but so does people’s fashion.

However, because Florida experiences a more gradual season change during the transition from summer to fall compared to the Northeast or even other states in the South.

As a result, many local boutiques, such as Rochelle’s Clothing Boutique in St. Augustine, see fall trends in Florida involving a change in colors as much as the attire itself.

According to Rochelle’s co-owner Karen Rochelle, extreme cutout tops and dresses are among the popular trends she has been noticing. Long cling-to-body Maxi dresses are also become popular this time of year as a way a person can show off their figure.

“At times it doesn’t seem like we have a fall, because as you prepare for fall it is still 100 degrees out,” Rochelle chuckled.

Whereas tube tops are also a part of Florida fashion, leather is usually something that begins to find a place in people’s wardrobe during the fall months.

“We are always to have retro pieces in stock, such as bell bottoms and tie-dye patterns,” Rochelle said.

Rochelle’s has become known over the years for offering a Bohemian look, which Rochelle best described as a “concert look.”

Selecting soft fabrics is important to Rochelle when it comes to choosing what goes in her store. For her comfort for the one wearing the clothing is just as important as the way it looks, and she strives to find the best of both worlds.

It has worked well as certain fashion trends have circled back around and become popular again.

“They usually come back, but in a newer way,” Rochelle said. “So, it may look the same, but there’s a new spin on it.”

As lighter and bright colors are often associated with spring fashion, darker and more rusty tones tend to go well in the fall.

“People have been a little shy of wearing traditional black lately,” Rochelle said. “It’s starting to come back, but with a glimmer or shine often added to the black.”

Dinem is another fabric that has a place regardless of the season, but it just changes from shorts to pants to go with the season.

“It will change shape, but it’s a staple and will always be there,” she said.

Since the boutique opened in 1984, it has focused on providing styles that are both fun and fashionable, with the hopes of having looks that appeal to a wide range of women of all ages.

“We’ve had a girl come in with her grandmother and they both end up finding something that suites them,” Rochelle said. “The clothes you wear is all about attitude. We want people to be confident in who they are, no matter their body type.”

With so many people moving into the north Florida area of late, it can be challenging because they are so used to the clothing choices that take place wherever they had been living.

However, they quickly find out that the approach in Florida is different and Rochelle believes a boutique’s staff goes a long way in helping new residents and customers understand and be part of the education process when it comes to Florida fashion.

According to Rochelle, this aspect has made the relationship between staff and their customers as important as it ever has been.

“Some people walk in knowing exactly what they need, but it’s fun when someone comes in with no expectations and they rely on you to help lead them down the right path,” Rochell said. “Seeing the smile on their face when they look at themselves in the mirror is everything.”