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David Ergisi


Cross Regions Group President and CEO David Ergisi has been a part of the local commercial real estate development community for many years. His company stresses the importance of honesty and solid business principles and has been involved in several major projects over the years. After a series of devastating earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria in February of this year, Ergisi launched Cross Regions Disaster Relief Fund to help the victims.

Tell me a little about yourself and your background.

I moved to Jacksonville, Florida, from the Northeast in 1998, and I have been a resident since. I have been in commercial real estate since 2007. I started the Cross Regions platform in 2014. In less than 10 years, Cross Regions has developed and grown to be one of the fastest growing and most successful real estate companies in Florida.

Tell me more about the Cross Regions Group, what it does and what it specializes in.

Cross Regions Group is a multifaceted company headquartered in Jacksonville that specializes in commercial real estate services. The company’s areas of expertise include commercial real estate and development, construction, property management, leasing, tenant representation, brokerage, acquisitions and advisory services. The company delivers best-in-class services and results and can fulfill numerous business requirements and needs. I founded Cross Regions Group in 2014.

What do you like best about working in this career?

I love creating spaces through real estate developments that serve our community in many sectors, such as health care and many others. As we create these developments, we enhance the quality of life, bring services into the neighborhoods, create employment and ultimately increase the overall quality of life. It is very rewarding to know that these developments not only enhance lives, but serve communities for generations to come.

Tell me a little about the Cross Regions Disaster Relief Fund.

After February’s destructive earthquakes in Turkey, I established Cross Regions Disaster Relief Fund, Inc., a non-profit organization, to aid and support victims of the earthquakes. I immigrated to the United States from the country of Turkey at age 18. This devastating tragedy hit home … the center of the Earthquake struck Kahramnanmaras, where I was born. We are collecting monetary donations to provide disaster relief aid and support rebuilding efforts in Turkey.

Many of us don’t really know anything about the earthquakes beyond what we’ve heard on the news. Can you offer some insights that might help readers truly appreciate the need of the people there?

Millions of people have been placed out of their homes, lost their jobs and, more sadly, lost loved ones. It is going to take generations for the communities to be rebuilt, jobs to be created and for lives to get back to normal, whatever that new normal is going to look like. For the people of Turkey, their lives have changed and will never be the same.

I understand you are matching the first $100,000 of the donations. How will donations to the relief fund be used to help those impacted by the earthquakes?

It will go towards building a school or a health care facility. My funds will be deployed alongside the donations we collect. I intend to dedicate more funding each year in efforts to continue rebuilding the desperately needed facilities.

How can readers make donations to the fund?

To learn more about the Cross Regions Disaster Relief Fund and to donate online, visit

On a lighter note, what do you like best about life here on the First Coast?

The people, specifically the kindness of people. While the First Coast has grown rapidly in recent years, it still has a feel of an intimate community where we respect and care for each other.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I don’t have a lot free time, but in the time I do have I like to travel and work out. I recently began taking lessons for kickboxing and golf.