First Coast jeweler offers custom rings for weddings and engagements


Couples on the brink of saying, “I do,” can create their own custom-made engagement or wedding rings at Village Jeweler in Ponte Vedra Beach, where store owner Richard Felder will work with customers directly to craft a perfect fit.

"We deal with the customers to find out what kind of stone they're looking for, what shape, what size they're looking for and to see how that would fit their personality," Felder said in an interview with the First Coast Register. "From there we go to building the ring."

According to the store owner, most men want more traditional bands with either white, yellow or Agent metal.

"We do study the people when they come in; I look at their hands to see what kind of fingers they have," he said. "If they have long fingers or short, heavier fingers, that has a lot to do with the width of the bands for them to fit and be comfortable."

Felder mostly sells "comfort fit" rings, meaning the rings feature a rounded or curved inside that will fit comfortably on the finger. Felder said the custom fit option is particularly useful for men dealing with uncomfortable bands that they frequently remove.

Among the wedding-oriented jewelry sold at Village Jeweler is a combined engagement and wedding ring for women. Felder said the band is unique and "not easy to describe."

"That is an engagement ring that somebody can wear," he said. "The shoulder work on it is so unique we had to make a custom band to fit it because a traditional band would not fit up against it."

A bride or groom-to-be who shops at Village Jeweler will notice that the store owner enjoys working one-on-one with his customers to gauge their wants and needs. Felder will start on the basics – the shape and size of the stone a couple is looking for – before working on a budget with his customers.

For more information on Village Jeweler, visit or call (904) 285-4812.