Flagler Advanced Care Services launches on First Coast


Flagler Hospital and First Coast Health Alliance have partnered with Alivia Care to launch the region’s first multi-provider collaborative to care for patients with advanced illnesses.   

Flagler Advanced Care Services (FACS) provides home-based care coordination with a central focus on the patient’s own goals of care. Modeled in partnership with C-TAC Innovations, the implementation affiliate of the nationally recognized Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC), the program is designed to improve the level of care for people with serious, late-stage chronic illnesses, moving the focus of care out of the hospital and into wherever the patient calls home within their community.

The goal is to ensure patients with advanced illness receive comprehensive, high quality, personalized care that is consistent with their goals and values while honoring their dignity and quality of life.

As part of the Flagler Advanced Care Services program, Alivia Care provides continuous care coordination, ensuring the patient and caregiver don’t feel forgotten once they’re home. The patient moves from receiving around-the-clock care in the hospital to being at home and ultimately responsible for their own care with the support of their caregiver. The goal of Alivia Care is to provide care all ways and to care always.

Complex cases of advanced illness typically involve multiple physicians, medicine management and medical protocols, and impact the patient’s physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Under the Flagler Advanced Care Services program, the Alivia Care interdisciplinary team offers in-person and telephonic nurse-led support and symptom management, allowing the patient to control his/her condition and enjoy an improved quality of life in the comfort of his/her home.

This is the first and only collaborative effort in Northeast Florida between a hospital and insurance company for a new care model provided by Alivia Care. Healthcare providers refer patients to the program and act as an extension of the patient’s primary care and specialty physicians. If the patient meets the eligibility criteria, there is no out–of-pocket cost for services or support. The Flagler Advanced Care Services program offers an additional layer of support to the patient, the caregivers and the physicians.

 The partners’ leadership recognized the need to offer specialized, person-centered, complex care management and coordinate treatment for patients so each may live better with late-stage or advanced illness (i.e.: COPD, cancer, heart disease, dementia).

To find out if Flagler Advanced Care Services is right for a patient or a family member, call (904) 417-6052 or visit www.FlaglerHospital.org/AdvancedCare.