Flagler Health+ and the link form partnership


Flagler Health+ and the link announced a partnership agreement Monday, April 12, that will advance their shared focus on innovation and, according to a media release, “building healthier, more vibrant communities.”

The link, a 22,500-square-foot facility scheduled to open this summer, will serve as a multi-use innovation incubator and community center. Located adjacent to the Flagler Health+ Village at Nocatee, the technologically advanced space is designed to house and help startups, small businesses, individuals and families to engage and collaborate.

“When I learned of Flagler’s vision to advance the physical, social and economic health of Northeast Florida communities, right away I saw synergy with the link, where we are creating a space to learn, play, think and do,” said Raghu Misra, CEO of the link. “Flagler’s emphasis on digital innovation to transform health care experiences and engage with patients 365 days a year also made for a perfect fit.”

As part of the agreement, Flagler Health+ and the link will co-create wellness programming and other services while also delivering a seamless experience for members of the link and patients of Flagler Health+, supported by their proximity.

The partnership will offer such services as drop-in child care, health coaching and health tech innovation, and is expected to maximize both organizations’ strengths for the benefit of those they serve.

The link members would get to experience a 360-degree immersion studio where entrepreneurs, teams, students and others can collaborate in a virtual-reality setting to foster and facilitate creative and fulfilling interactions and experiences.

“I am extremely impressed with the holistic approach the link is taking to provide solutions and space for people to thrive,” said Flagler Health+ President and CEO Jason Barrett. “There is no question that the link concept is closely aligned with that of our health villages, where we strive to enhance the overall well-being of people, their families and communities. I look forward to seeing this relationship grow as we bring something truly unique and meaningful to this region and beyond.”