Fred Funk partners with Jerome Bettis for Stryker campaign on joint health


Fred Funk, a PGA Tour Champions golfer, the winner of THE PLAYERS Championship 2005 and a Ponte Vedra Beach resident, is partnering with Stryker and Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis to communicate the importance of joint health.

As part of Stryker’s “Get on the Bus” contests, Funk is motivating Jacksonville residents with joint pain to take the first steps to a healthier lifestyle by sharing why they or their loved ones need extra encouragement to go to the doctor to learn about joint health. The grand prize winner of the contest in Jacksonville will receive the opportunity to get on board Stryker's first-ever bus and spend time with Funk. As part of the day, they'll catch a ride to and from their doctor's office to learn how the joint pain they are experiencing can have long-term impact on their health.

“It’s kind of an exciting way to get them thinking about it and then if they win the contest, they can really have a fun day with us,” said Funk, who had his knee replaced in 2009. “For me, I had to get it done. I had to get my career back.”

Through this initiative, Funk wants to help other people do the same. In addition to the Jacksonville contest, Funk said another is taking place in Pittsburgh, which will result in a similar experience with Bettis. A third content is happening in New Jersey, where the winner will get to spend time with both Funk and Bettis.

With the all technology that’s out there and with how well they’re doing with joint replacements, they can get their life back and get out of that pain cycle,” said Funk. “That’s the No. 1 root of everything.”

For more information about the contests and how to enter yourself or your loved one, visit