quilt lady

Get a life!


Last week about 8:30 in the morning, my phone rang. I never answer the phone unless I know who it is; however, I was intrigued by the area code, 202, which is Washington, D.C. I didn’t answer the call but “they” left a message for me: “This is the IRS and we are pressing charges against Bonnie Talley. Call this number immediately!” Needless to say, my heart was pumping big time by the time they got to the last part, but for some reason, I knew that I was not going to call that number until I talked to my accountant. Thank goodness I was alert enough to do this. Once I called my accountant, I was told to ignore the call as the IRS NEVER calls. They write letters. He said that he was in the process of writing a letter to all of his clients pertaining to these calls, as other clients had called him just as I had.

I was relating this incident to my son later. He told me that his business partner’s parents had gotten the same call in Dallas. They sent in $2,000 that they were told to send. A week later, they were told to send another $2,000, but they called their son who thought that this sounded like a scam, and of course it was. Please tell your friends about this. Older generations seem to react just as I did, except that some of them are being duped out of thousands of dollars by ‘scum thugs’ who don’t want to earn an honest living.

What a way to begin one’s morning! I’d so much rather start the day with a beautiful new piece of fabric that will eventually be made into a wall hanging or a quilt for someone. A friend of mine asked me the other day how I got a quilt started. Usually it takes a casual walk through a fabric store, or through a museum of art and the quilting urge is turned loose! I can hardly wait to get home to my sewing room.

My granddaughter was visiting this past week and got me all set up on “Pinterest” on my iPad. What a hoot that is! If you’re not familiar with it, look at the app on your phone with that name and just see what all is available to you for ideas. It is truly amazing.

I’m starting a new project for Christmas: a crazy patchwork stocking for my little puppy to be hung on the mantle with other stockings. There are so many animal prints available right now that it will be fun to mix a few of them with a few “Christmas-sy” prints. Materials needed are: about ¼ yd of solid fabric for the background and lining of the stocking; 1/8 yd of several animal prints and Christmas prints. Cut out a paper shape of a stocking, the finished size that you wish it to be. Cut out 2 shapes adding 1/4” seam allowance. Start with squares, triangles,etc. at the toe overlapping the pieces and zigzag stitching the raw edges down to the background. Stop short of the top at least 2 ½” for the top band. Cut out a band of solid to cover the unfinished part. Zigzag stitch it into place at the top of the stocking. Embroider the name of your pet with colored thread.

Once the crazy patch stocking is finished, cut another solid stocking to sew as a lining. Sew the lining onto the stocking right sides together. Flip and turn. Baste the top of the stocking down all around. Then stitch again. Voila! Pet has his or her own Christmas stocking!