Guest Column

Golf and Advantage VISION!


In the world of golf, every stroke counts, and every detail matters. From reading the subtle breaks on the green to tracking the ball’s flight with pinpoint accuracy, superior vision can be the difference between victory and defeat.

As THE PLAYERS Championship gets under way, let’s delve into the intricacies of one of the most visually demanding sports: golf. While vision plays a crucial role in many sports, golf uniquely relies not only on sight but also on vision — the ability to interpret visual cues effectively.

Sight refers to the clarity of vision at a specific distance, often measured by the familiar 20/20 scale. However, vision involves processing visual information to align the body, balance the stance and visualize shots before they occur, all essential components of a successful drive or putt.

Consider the advice I received from Dean Beman (golf visionary and former commissioner of The PGA Tour) when I had the privilege of operating on his eyes where he emphasized the importance of mastering putting as a foundation for success in golf — a lesson I have yet to put into practice myself.

Having performed eye surgeries on numerous professional golfers from all over the world, I've observed that when all visual faculties are maximized alongside eye-hand coordination, optimal execution on the course becomes achievable for players of all levels.

Imagine stepping onto the tee box with crystal-clear vision, free from the constraints of glasses or contacts. Say goodbye to squinting at yardage markers and hello to confidently sizing up every shot with clarity and precision.

Next Generation LASIK: LaZrPlastique is an innovative, no-cut, no-blade, sub-micron, laser-precision technique that can deliver a personalized vision correction for a wide range of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, including reading vision to optimize your vision for peak performance on the course to outshine your competition and dominate the fairway.

Implantable Collamer Lenses (ICL): Recently FDA-approved, EVO ICL is for those golfers who are extremely nearsighted or have thin corneas and are “not a candidate” for LASIK surgery. By implanting a thin, biocompatible lens inside the eye, ICL provides crisp, clear vision without compromising the integrity of your cornea. So go ahead — tee off with confidence.

As golfers age, presbyopia (those pesky reading glasses) becomes a concern, necessitating reading glasses (cheaters) for tasks like scoring. However, modern multifocal/trifocal and progressive lens implants and laser techniques provide viable solutions to address presbyopia, restoring visual clarity and eliminating the need for reading glasses so you can sink that birdie putt.

Cataracts, wherein your natural crystalline lens becomes cloudy over time, are a common issue for golfers in their 60s. Next Generation Cataract surgery: LenzOplastique can deliver pain-free, no-needle, no-injection, no-pain and no-stitch surgery along with placement of a permanent, wide range of vision lens implant to not only restore clear vision but also correct astigmatism and reading vision, providing a glasses-free experience for life.

“Golfer’s eyes” are red eyes (pterygium), often exacerbated by sun exposure, and can be corrected to sparkling white eyes by Corneoplastique, using innovative techniques like "no-stitch" human placenta and 3D technology, preserving both vision and cosmetic appearance.

Dry eye syndrome, another common ailment among golfers, can now be effectively managed with advanced therapies such as MOIST Ocular Surface Therapy, offering relief and restoring ocular comfort.

In the fast-paced world of golf, every advantage counts — and superior vision is no exception. With recent advancements in eye surgery, golfers now have access to a range of transformative procedures designed to optimize their vision and unleash their full potential on the fairway. Whether you're seeking to correct refractive errors, enhance visual acuity, or preserve ocular health, there's never been a better time to invest in your vision and elevate your game. So why wait? Take the first step toward a brighter, clearer future on the course — your best golf game awaits.