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Happy birthday, America!


Independence Day festivities are here! Enhance your celebration with a red, white and blue garden or several colorful planters.

There are many options for creating a garden or planters full of patriotic colors.

Remember that “true” blue flowers can be difficult to find, but light blue or purple can give the same effect. Both annuals and perennials can be used for your garden or planters. Annuals will give more vibrant color but grow for only one long season.

Perennials will live more than two years, but their color is less vibrant as it comes and goes throughout the year.

Some great choices for your garden in the North Florida summer are (P for perennial):

  • Red: begonia (shade), caladium (shade), celosia, impatiens (shade), mandevilla (P), penta (P), salvia, vinca, zinnia
  • White: begonias (shade), caladium (shade), euphorbia, impatiens (shade), mandevilla (P), penta (P), salvia, variegated sunrose, vinca, zinnia
  • Blue: blue daze (P), penta (P), salvia, vinca

Idea for a July 4th planter:

  • Be sure to place your planter in full sun to gain the most color from your blooms.
  • Select a planter approximately 18-20 inches in diameter and 2.5 feet tall.

The following plants are now available at Kathy’s Creative Gardens & Nursery:

Red Mandevilla (one plant) — adds height to your arrangement; plant in the center of the planter and include a trellis for the mandevilla to climb

White penta (seven plants) — medium height; plant around the mandevilla

Blue daze (five plants) — cascading; plant at the edge of your planter to allow the blooms to drape

Have a wonderful July 4th holiday, and happy planting!

Flower of the Week: Red Mandevilla

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