Marilyn Jacobs letter to the editor


It’s been distressing, to say the least, to learn that the St Johns County reserves could be depleted by 2021, if not sooner.

This conundrum didn’t occur overnight. What fruitless measures have been put in place to offset the deficit? It’s now perfectly clear why there has been overbuilding in the Palm Valley area, which has caused a myriad of unsolvable problems. It was an attempt for a quick fix to gain money from the sale of land to developers and allow them to build as many houses as possible to receive property tax money to offset the shortfall.

Never mind that there is no infrastructure to accommodate a continuous inflow of people. Not to mention the fact that our narrow two-lane roads can’t accommodate any more cars. Even worse, our wetlands are being filled in, and acres of ground are being covered with concrete. Where is excess water going to go during prolonged heavy rainstorms, not to mention hurricanes? We’re asking for flash flooding that would result in, not only a loss of our homes, but also in a loss of our lives.

There needs to be a moratorium placed on the Ponte Vedra/Palm Valley community stating NO MORE MULTI-HOMES COMMUNITIES! In addition, there needs to be expeditious study of the flooding potential, and preventative measures need to be instituted in the immediate future. Every effort needs to be made to attempt to rectify this extremely dangerous situation.

Enough of viewing PV/PV as the source of money to compensate for the poor judgement of our county officials. It’s reached a point that our lives depend on emergency intervention. Please contact all St. Johns County commissioners and members of the Planning and Zoning Agency, and let them know that our health, safety and welfare are not bargaining chips.