Guest Column

How to choose a memorable gift for your recent grad


Graduation Day marks an important milestone for a student. This major accomplishment is certainly worth recognizing with a special something. Celebrate your graduate’s achievements by choosing a memorable gift that reflects their style, age and stage of life.

Pass Down a Family Keepsake

Giving a family keepsake is a sentimental and thoughtful way to show your graduate you care. This item should be something they can always cherish, especially if the keepsake has a valuable story behind it. Memorable keepsakes could include family heirloom jewelry or pocket watches.

Unfortunately, heirloom jewelry can have the tendency to stay in a jewelry box. You want your graduate to feel connected with their family every time they see their gift — which means you want them to wear it.

Jewelry shops, such as Miriam’s Jewelry, can restore family heirloom pieces and customize them to match a graduate’s style. Miriam’s specializes in creating something old into something new. That way, graduates can keep their families close to heart with a gift they will always want to wear.

Consider Their Next Phase of Life

You can’t go wrong if you choose a gift that will prepare your graduate for their next chapter, especially if it also helps them remember the one they are celebrating.

For example, high school graduates — boys and girls alike — often cherish personalized jewelry pieces that incorporate their graduation year or school mascot. If they plan to attend college, consider custom gifts that will help with their transition, such as memorable photo frames, monogrammed towels or dorm bedding.

Many college graduates will appreciate a gift they can treasure into adulthood, such as a stunning piece of jewelry or well-made watch. This should be a classic piece they can wear for the rest of their lives. They might also enjoy gifts to help them start their new homes, such as personalized kitchenware.

Celebrate Their Success With a Customized Gift

Why not give your graduate a gift that is completely unique to them? Customize their gift based on their initials, anticipated field of work or personal style. Monogrammed journals, custom briefcases, or home/apartment decorations are all nice options.

A custom piece of jewelry is something your grad can keep forever. Shops like Miriam’s Jewelry offer a full custom jewelry experience that caters to the graduates’ preferences and taste.

Make Graduation Day Memorable

A graduation from high school, college or graduate school is a milestone worth celebrating. Make the moment memorable with a personalized gift that matches your grad’s style and personality. With a meaningful gift from you, your loved one is sure to remember this day for years to come.

Benji Rust is a co-owner of Miriam’s Jewelry, a family-owned jewelry store in the Sawgrass Village Shopping Center in Ponte Vedra Beach. To learn more about Miriam’s and their specialty in custom, heirloom jewelry, visit