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How to shop thoughtfully this holiday season


’Tis the season for giving! Gift shopping as the holidays near can feel tricky, especially for your loved one who seems to have it all. This year, avoid the latest fads from big box stores and consider meaningful presents that can’t be found just anywhere. Celebrate that special someone with a meaningful and unique gift to show them just how cherished they are.

Give From the Heart

Consider choosing a sentimental gift that can be treasured for years. Presents that remind people of their loved ones or favorite memories are often the most meaningful. Touch their heart with a personalized photo book, custom artwork or an invaluable family heirloom.

Classic family heirlooms such as rings, brooches or memorial diamonds can keep an individual’s legacy alive for generations to come. This irreplaceable gift option is a great way to provide your loved one with an item they will hold dear to their heart forever.

At Miriam’s Jewelry, we offer personalized services for heirloom jewelry that allow customers to transform a cherished family piece into a custom gift.

Keep in Mind Their Hobbies and Style

Look for clues based on what you know about your loved one. Do they prefer gold or silver jewelry? Do they wear more classic or statement pieces? If you can’t find clues in their jewelry choices, consider their wardrobe. Do they spend more time in leggings, or do they love formal dinners out?

These details can help you choose the perfect piece to match their style and preferences. For the lover of casual wear, consider an everyday piece like a watch or stud earring pair. If your loved one is the type to make a statement, try jewelry like radiant rope chain necklaces or diamond earrings.

Ask for Their Wishlist

Sometimes the most thoughtful gift is the one someone really wishes for. To preserve the element of surprise, ask for their “likes” and “dislikes,” such as types of jewelry or watch styles. This way, you can ensure that they will love the gift that they unwrap on Christmas morning.

A gift card to their favorite local store is another great option that allows them to pick out exactly what they’re hoping for.

At Miriam’s Jewelry, our in-store wishlist feature gives customers the chance to choose the pieces they love without spoiling the fun of a holiday surprise.

Choose Gifts With a Story

Gifts accompanied by stories are the perfect way to show your special someone just how much they mean to you. Choose an elegant antique piece that can’t be found elsewhere or a family heirloom to give them a gift that can never be replaced. You might also consider gifts with a social cause to add extra meaning to their holiday joy.

Make New Memories With the Perfect Holiday Gift

This holiday season don’t let the stress of choosing the perfect gift get in your way. Show your loved ones what they mean to you with personalized and unique gifts they will cherish forever.

At Miriam’s, we have hundreds of options for the perfect piece to complete that special someone’s holiday.

Benji Rust is a co-owner of Miriam’s Jewelry, a family-owned jewelry store in the Sawgrass Village Shopping Center in Ponte Vedra Beach. To learn more about Miriam’s and their specialty in custom, heirloom jewelry, go to


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