Ideal Move makes relocating easier


Moving to a new residence has consistently polled as the third most stressful event in life, just behind the death of a loved one and divorce. And it’s easy to see why.

Boxing up one’s many possessions, hiring a moving company and scheduling pickup and drop-off, living out of boxes while unpacking over a period of days and weeks, and then trying to figure out where to put everything — it’s enough to make a person stay put.

But that’s not an option for most people. And for seniors looking to downsize or transition into assisted living, the task may seem overwhelming.

That’s why so many retirees — as well as their sons and daughters — are relieved to discover certified senior move management companies like Ideal Move.

Company President Miguel Coles said senior moves are among the most difficult. That’s because the customer has often established a strong emotional connection to his or her possessions, and not everything from one home is going to fit into the new, smaller space. Tough choices must be made.

Ideal Move staff members train specifically for these situations.

“With our expertise and our resources, you have people there who can plan it all out for you and solve any issues that come up pretty quickly,” Coles said.

They take the time to visit their customers’ homes, listen and get to know them, understand what they want to achieve and how they see their new home.

“We start by helping them understand how they should lay out their new homes,” Coles said. “Let them understand what they should take.”

For possessions the customer chooses not to take along, Ideal Move offers solutions, some of which the customer may not have previously considered.

The company partners with experienced movers that it trusts and remains involved in the move to ensure everything is done right, especially if there is any degree of complexity.

“At [the customer’s] new home, we’re going to unpack everything and put it back the way it was in their original homes,” Coles said. “We’ll pay attention to where on a bookcase things were set up, and we’re going to set it up the same way. We make their beds, get their closets ready. Our goal is that, right away, when they move in, they could have a dinner party. We take all the packing materials away. We really want people to enjoy their current home as long as possible and then enjoy their new home as soon as possible.”

Ideal Move is part of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, an important factor when selecting a move management company.

“They have a code of ethics that we adhere to,” said Coles, “and they have lots of standards that people need to meet.”

According to Coles, NASMM has awarded the Ideal Move team an A+ rating and inducted them into the Diamond Society, which is reserved for those with the highest level of service for more than 10 years.

One benefit of the affiliation is the company’s access to other members across the nation. This facilitates moves over greater geographic areas that, for customers, is fairly seamless.

“We help lots of people come here from other states and lots of people from here go to other states,” Coles said.

Ideal Move has been in business for 13 years, the last three under Coles. It has 11 employees. In addition to helping people relocate, it offers estate clean-outs and clearing out homes in preparation for new owners.

Coles said the best way to contact Ideal Move and discuss a move is to call 904-826-7055. The email address is For further information, go to The company can also be found on Facebook.


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