In the business of developing green thumbs

Garden of Eatin’ offers steps to tranquil outdoor space


Everyone has a farmer inside of them, and Garden of Eatin’ located in St. Johns is there to help people discover that and has been doing so for the past 12 years.

“Our raised gardens are really unique because everything is ready to go,” said Valerie Furey, who owns Garden of Eatin’ along with her husband Zak. “We build and plant everything, so literally all the client has to do is water. It is perfect for people who want an instant garden or for those who are new to gardening.”

Part of the process also includes going back to the client’s home and replanting and building up for the next season of growth as well.

According to Furey, being there for their clients throughout the entire garden maintenance process is something that they pride themselves on.

“Our gardens are always perfect, and we make sure of that,” Furey said.

There are various types of gardens that a client can purchase, such as salad bowl gardens, juicing gardens, herbal medicine gardens, flower-cutting gardens and even fairy gardens, which are popular for children.

One of the things that inspired the Fuerys to begin Garden of Eatin’ is that they were hearing from a lot of people who mentioned how they downsized or lived in a condo and miss having a garden.

“We wanted to bring gardening to people on a small scale, but where they could still enjoy picking beautiful fresh produce without the labor of a large garden,” Furey said. “There’s nothing like going outside and harvesting a gorgeous salad and having it right then and there. In that scenario, you know exactly where it came from and that it’s truly organic.”

They have even carried garden beds up four stories for those who live in apartments, proving that nothing will stop them from helping someone get a little green in their life.

Valerie has been a certified herbalist for 31 years and she makes her own herbal wellness teas and tinctures that people can use to help support a healthy lifestyle through a natural approach.

“We make our herbs in a liquid form, so you get all those medicinal benefits as opposed to a plant where they usually just dry it and that’s it,” Furey said. “I trained with Rosemary Gladstar, who is pretty much the most famous herbalist in this country. The quality we can provide by doing everything so fresh and natural can make a huge difference.”

Furey turned her focus to being an herbalist because she had hereditary high blood pressure, and it started when she was 14 years old.

“I knew I wanted to solve the problem and get better instead of just masking it,” Furey said. “Herbs saved my life, and now 31 years later I’m still doing my part to help people.”

However, helping people be their own farmer’s market and feel better is not all that they do at Garden of Eatin’, as they also offer many other outdoor home renovations, such as the construction of pergolas, koi ponds and outdoor saunas.

“All of the products we do deal with things that are made with a nature-oriented theme to it, such as the stones that we use for our outdoor fireplaces, we get from up in Georgia,” Furey said. “It’s all about trying to make a person’s home and outdoor space a little more tranquil.”

Another passion of the Fureys is the rescue and care of animals, including turtles, which they soon hope to convert one of their koi ponds on site into a turtle pond to serve as a sanctuary for turtles.

One of the more curious herbs growing in their herb garden is dandelion, which according to Furey is right where it belongs with the rest of the herbs.

“People are like, ‘why are you growing dandelions,’ because to most people it’s a weed but it’s actually one of the most incredible medicinal plants,” Furey said. “It’s great for the liver, it helps to cleanse the blood and it’s great for the skin. We grow tons of it, so if you see it growing in your yard, know that you can eat the whole thing and its great for teas and tinctures.”

Appointments can be made with Garden of Eatin’ by calling or texting 386-972-1891.

“Pretty much whatever size or type of garden a person is looking for, we can make it happen,” Furey said. “We like to be versatile and creative.”