Karate America Ponte Vedra offering 20 free birthday parties


Karate America is offering 20 free birthday parties for First Coast kids at its location in Ponte Vedra to promote health, fitness and self-defense.

“It’s our service to the community,” said Master Daniel Giménez, a 6th degree blackbelt and four-time world champion who runs Karate America Ponte Vedra. “It’s a way to help kids learn about self-discipline, self-esteem and confidence.”

The first 20 people to call Karate America Ponte Vedra at (904) 285-4031 can schedule a $300-valued party for free. According to Giménez, a typical birthday party lasts 1.5 hours and includes a karate class led by an instructor, pizza, cake, drinks, a birthday gift for the child and a broken board signed by all guests of the party.

The business, which is located at 288 Solana Road, also provides all guests of the parties with free karate headbands, a black belt for the birthday child during the party and free uniforms for those guests that decide to schedule a class after the party. In addition, Karate America provides the family of the birthday child with invitations to send to the party guests. Lastly, all guests receive a free month of training.

Giménez said those interested in scheduling a party must do so on a Saturday at 1 p.m. or 3 p.m. All parties must be scheduled by the end of 2017. An unlimited number of kids can attend.

Recent accomplishments

Karate America Ponte Vedra recently sent its competition team to the 2017 ATA World Championships in Little Rock, Arkansas, where teammates Lucas Giménez and Amber Smith captured three combined world champion titles.

After the championships, the team kicked off the 2017-2018 season and took home several tournament medals. Giménez won gold in traditional weapons; silver in creative weapons; gold in XMA form; and bronze in XMA weapons. James Goodrich placed fourth in traditional weapons, while Eilla Guenzler won gold and bronze in traditional weapons and traditional form respectively.

Xander Javier placed fourth in both traditional form and traditional weapons, and Xavier Javier placed fourth in traditional form and took home a bronze medal in traditional weapons.

Jessie Miller placed fourth in both traditional form and traditional weapons.

Lilly Sonn won gold in traditional form and silver in traditional weapons. Amber Smith wrapped up the group’s accomplishments in style, winning gold in both traditional form and traditional weapons.

The next stop for the Karate America Ponte Vedra competition team will be the 2017 Fall Nationals at the ESPN World Wide Sports Complex in Orlando in October.