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The Recorder’s garden columnist Kathy Esfahani, of Kathy’s Creative Gardens & Nursery, shares her tips for growing gorgeous gardens in Northeast Florida

“I put the fun in fungus.”


This time of year in North Florida involves frequent rain and much humidity. Both of which cause fungus on flowers and plants.

In order to control fungus and pests in the garden, there are many different chemicals and organic products on the market. It can be overwhelming when you see all of the options but we can help with a general rule of thumb: One chemical product can be used for each category of fungus.

Insecticide: Malathion (used on fruits, vegetables, landscaping and shrubs to control pests)

Fungicide: Daconil (used to treat over 75 diseases on flowers, landscaping, fruit and shade trees)

There are more natural ways to treat pests and fungus in the garden, but they require extra attention and continuous effort. This recipe may need to be applied weekly until you attain results for pests and disease.

DIY organic spray: 1 teaspoon vegetable oil, plus 1 teaspoon non-degreasing liquid dishwashing detergent per gallon of water.

With different types of sod in Northeast Florida, is it recommended to discuss sod treatment with a lawn-care company or sod expert for what products will be best for your yard.

Once we move out of the rainy season, you will not need to treat pests and fungus as frequently for the remainder of the year.

Happy gardening!

Flower of the Week: Pentas

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