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Kathy’s Gardening Guide: Butterfly Gardens


Butterfly gardens are a beautiful and colorful way to attract butterflies into your landscaping!

When designing a butterfly garden, keep the following in mind:

■ Plant both larval host plants and adult nectar sources for butterflies in all stages of life.

■ Garden in full sun and partial shade.

■ Select a variety of plants that bloom at different times.

■ Use quality topsoil to ensure plants and flowers are enriched.

■ Include sweet-smelling plants, such as sedum and lavender.

■ Plant in groups. Butterflies are more likely to land in a bunch vs. a single plant.

■ Choose plants of mixing heights, colors, shapes and sizes.

■ Adding a shallow dish with water, rocks and even fruit will encourage butterflies to land.

Some of the most popular plants for caterpillars and butterflies: Butterfly bush, fennel, milkweed, lantana, pentas, purple passion vine, black-eyed Susan, porterweed, sage, gaillardia, firebush, sunflowers and more.

Flower of the Week: Gaillardia

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