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Kathy’s Gardening Guide: Gardening Trivia


There is so much to learn about gardening! Test your knowledge with these fun trivia questions (answers below):

  1. Which U.S. state produces the most oranges?
  2. A) California; B) Florida; C) New Mexico
  3. What plant has UV-absorbing components that enable it to produce a natural sunscreen?
  4. A) Aloe Vera; B) Sunflower; C) Agave
  5. Lavender symbolizes _____.
  6. A) Devotion; B) Royalty; C) Grief
  7. What plant can grow up to 12 inches in a single day?
  8. A) St. Augustine Grass; B) Kudzu; C) Potato Vine
  9. A study by NASA found that the _____ plant can remove indoor air pollutants.
  10. A) Orchid; B) Aloe; C) Spider
  11. What common liquor is made from the Agave plant?
  12. A) Rum; B) Gin; C) Tequila
  13. When should spring flowering bulbs be planted?
  14. A) Early Autumn; B) Summer; C) Spring
  15. What can be sprinkled in the soil around tomato plants to grow sweeter tomatoes?
  16. A) Sugar; B) Baking Soda; C) Coffee Grounds
  17. What flowering plant can regenerate from a single piece of its stem, root or leaf?
  18. A) Hibiscus; B) Zinnia; C) Begonia
  19. Plants respond to sounds such as music or human speech.
  20. A) True; B) False
  21. The average strawberry has _____ seeds on the outside of its fruit.
  22. A) 50; B) 200; C) 350
  23. What does the orange tree symbolize?
  24. A) Cleansing; B) Reward; C) Welcome
  25. What plant can change its leaf color depending on the light it receives?
  26. A) Hawaiian Ti; B) Croton; C) Hydrangea
  27. What plant uses phytoremediation to break down toxic substances in the soil?
  28. A) Sunflower; B) Azalea; C) Podocarpus
  29. Which of the following plants is known for its ability to catch insects?
  30. A) Shrimp Plant; B) Venus Flytrap; C) Daylily

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Happy planting!

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