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Kathy’s Gardening Guide: Holiday Gift Ideas for the Gardener


The holiday season is in full swing! As you think of your family, friends and others in your life, it is often challenging to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. The following ideas are suitable and thoughtful for the gardener you know!

  • Birdhouses are a wonderful addition to a garden or landscape. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors to suit specific designs.
  • Birds are a welcome addition to any garden because they help with pollination and pest control. Bird feeders attract birds into a landscape and make it easy to observe these garden visitors. Look for feeders that hold bird seed and/or hummingbird feeders, depending on the gardener’s preference.
  • A nursery gift certificate allows the gardener to choose the flower most needed in his/her landscape. Package the gift certificate with a small flower or plant for a thoughtful presentation.
  • Fountains or water features add a soothing murmur to the garden.
  • A butterfly house can help make a garden home for these fluttering creatures. Not only are butterflies beneficial to the garden, but watching them can help reduce stress and promote positive mental health.
  • A rainfall gauge helps the gardener know when to water versus when the landscape is satisfactorily moist. Gauges come in a variety of designs to suit the recipient’s personality or preferences.
  • A soil pH meter measures acidity in the soil so the gardener knows how best to treat and/or fertilize the garden.
  • New garden tools are always useful. Tools are available in sets, decorative designs, various sizes and more.
  • With the garden tools comes a need for a tool container/apron. This gift ensures that the gardener in your life always has the tool he/she needs anywhere in the garden.
  • Look for kneeling cushions/stools to make gardening a more comfortable pastime. Some gardening seats even come with space to store tools!
  • Watering cans come in various colors, designs and shapes. Decorative cans add a “splash” of color to this most necessary tool.
  • Every landscape has a place for steppingstones, whether they are organized in a path or as a marker for the special spot in the garden. Stones range from simple pavers/bricks to more colorful, extravagant designs.
  • Garden sculptures or windchimes add a unique touch to a landscape and help personalize the garden.
  • A beautiful flowerpot/planter is a welcome gift for any gardener. Whether used to highlight an area of landscape or grow young plants before transplanting, planters are always helpful. Look for pots in any color, shape and size.
  • A potting bench helps the gardener organize tools, plant small pots, or finish other tasks necessary for landscape maintenance.

Happy holidays!

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