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Kathy’s Gardening Guide: Palm Trees


As we see all around us in Florida, palm trees are a popular staple for our landscaping. The very tall, thin palms you see everywhere are sabal palms (also known as cabbage palms), and are native to Florida.

However, there are many other beautiful types of palms that can flourish in our zone.

Here are a few of our favorites at Kathy’s Nursery:

Sylvester Palms (Phoenix Sylvestris): These are one of our most popular sellers. They come in a variety of heights to fit most landscapes and create a beautiful ambience. They have a neat diamond-cut trunk, but are a large tree that needs to be a distance from the home.

Queen Palms: These palms are stately with bright glossy leaves that are gorgeous in the wind. Their fronds cascade over, which creates a tropical vibe. Bright orange dates hang in ornamental clusters. They are common around patios and pool areas of relaxation.

Bismarck Palms: These silvery blue-green palms are a show-stopper with their huge fronds and robust trunk. Their fronds can span up to 16 feet. They are fast growers and thrive in full sun. Certainly a focal point of your landscaping!

Robellini Palms (Pygmy Date Palms):  This miniature palm is slow growing and allows you to have a palm closer to your home. Popular at the end of driveways or front doors, robellinis are soft and feminine in look and feel.

Sago Palms: These wide-trunk palms are dark green and lush. They will not grow to be too high with their large cone of seeds growing out of the middle. The seeds are poisonous to pets, so we tend to keep them out of our fur-friendly homes.

European Fan Palms: These palms are very hardy and slow growing. They are not sensitive to cold weather and grow 8-to-15 feet tall. Their fronds are fine-textured, which make them stick out in landscaping and the color can range from dark green to silver.

Majestic Palms: This palm loves humidity, which is perfect for our Floridian climate. The fronds fullness can fan out to 15 feet height. They are also slow growers that don’t mind some shade, but love water and naturally wet areas.

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