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Kathy’s Gardening Guide: Succulents


The Recorder’s garden columnist, Kathy Esfahani of Kathy’s Creative Gardens & Nursery, shares her tips for growing gorgeous gardens in Northeast Florida.

Summer is heating up! Succulents are a great choice for the warmest areas of your landscape. Now is a perfect time to create a succulent garden or planter that needs minimal attention!

Succulents love dry heat and very little water. Sounds like the perfect plants, right?

These plants have evolved in climates that are almost unbearable, with rocky terrain and desert landscapes. They retain water in their leaves and stems and, therefore, only need to be watered occasionally. Due to their unique nature, they also can survive in winter single digit temperatures!

You can create a succulent garden in the ground, in a planter, or even in a rock garden.

Some of the most popular varieties are agave, aloe, cactus, crassula, echeveria, purslane and sedum.

Tips for creating a succulent planter:

  • Choose a shallow, wide planter with a drainage system. These plants do not like sitting in water.
  • Look for a potting soil designed for succulents.
  • When purchasing succulents, remember that some varieties need more sun than others. Try to group similar plants together for appropriate care.
  • Space succulents 1-2 inches apart in the planter; they don’t need much room to grow!
  • Add fun finishing touches such as marbles, seaglass or rocks around the succulent planter.

Stay cool and happy planting!

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