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Kelly Punancy


Kelly Punancy is the owner of Pouring Grace and Bubbles, which offers a mobile bar and pancake bar options that people can use at events or parties. Punancy and her husband moved to Callahan from Miami in 2022 and pride themselves in offering unique experiences for any occasion taking place in the northeast Florida area.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came up with the idea for Pouring Grace and Bubbles.

It all started in 2021 as a mobile bar in Miami, where I am originally from.

But then, we moved up to north Florida and Callahan in 2022 because my husband is a police officer, and he got a job up here.

Our wedding is where this journey all began because we originally wanted a mobile bar for our wedding but couldn’t find one.

It turned out there was like one in all of Miami, so we definitely saw that there was a need for it and decided to start the business.

We started by buying a horse trailer and converting that into a mobile bar we could take around.

Did you know you wanted to continue the business once you moved to northeast Florida?

Yes, but that’s also when we decided to make some changes.

We changed the name to Pouring Grace and Bubbles and sold the horse trailer and purchased a mobile tap truck, where it has taps in the back of the truck, so now people can just get their own from the tap instead of me pouring it for them.

It was pretty much a whole rebranding, but because we were already in the event industry, I knew what was out there and that I wanted to offer even more options.

I realized that the idea was needed just as much up here as it was down in Miami, so there’s definitely a place for us here.

We also came up with a new idea and also started a pancake bar service, so now we have that on top of the mobile bar, which is good to give people those options.

The pancake bar is the perfect fit for all ages.

What kind of menu options do you have?

We have a whole menu of options, but yes, we can also always create a person’s own favorite as long as its with the toppings on hand.

However, we also have certain mixtures that we have found are among the favorites people choose in case they just want to choose and go and not stand there picking their toppings.

The churro and Oreo crumble are two examples, with the Oreo obviously being perfect for the chocolate lovers out there.

People can add anything they want from nuts to blueberries to coconut flakes. Whatever they wish to top their pancakes with.

Right now, I’m working on a strawberry version where it’s kind of like a strawberry shortcake, because we’ve always had strawberries, but it’s one of those flavors people are always excited about more.

It’s the type of business where your imagination can really run wild especially when it comes to new menu items.

Also, every pancake is prepared and cooked to order so it is always hot when served to guests.

Where do you travel to cover events?

We go all the way down to St. Augustine and throughout the area for events, and because we’re up in Callahan, we even go into southeast Georgia to places like St. Mary’s.

At first it was different not being from here and figuring out where everything is, but the GPS has definitely helped a lot.

Now we’re starting to figure out where things are which makes it so much more easier, especially when you are a mobile business and go to different places.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

My favorite part is helping bring an event I’m at to life by adding to the atmosphere that is created.

There’s nothing like seeing the smile and expressions on people’s faces when they walk up to our bar or order some pancakes.

Knowing that you had something to do with the event being a fun time for those that attended means a lot and it’s a very prideful thing.

Whether it’s birthday parties, weddings, gender reveals or whatever you’re celebrating, we want to add to the party.

Have you always been a creative person?

My creativity really started as a teenager, but I had never really been in the event industry before and focused on the customer service side instead.

I was a manager for a luxury per resort, so I guess I went from doing event for dogs to helping do events for humans.

If I didn’t like what I’m doing it wouldn’t be the same. I can definitely say that I’m passionate about what I do and the events that hire me.

And also, without my husband, none of this would have been possible. I’m the one that comes up with the ideas and he makes them come to life. 

What do you like most about living in northeast Florida?

I like it better here than Miami, because it is a lot slower pace than Miami with less traffic around, and that’s something we definitely enjoy and have gotten used to.

What is the best way for people to inquire about using you for their next event?

The website is the best way to go and it’s Once you’re there, you can fill out the content form and I should get back with you in about 24 hours.