Letter to the editor


Regarding the April 20 article about Save Guana Now’s preparations for hearings on The Outpost property, we’re puzzled by Ponte Vedra Corporation Attorney Boulris’ claim that residents opposed to the development have pressured the county to “change the rules.” What rules was she referring to? Save Guana Now simply want the existing rules enforced. 

We have more examples of Ponte Vedra Corp. attempting to change the rules than can fit into a letter to the editor. 1. The land use category for The Outpost clearly identifies the use of the land as conservation, which means residential use is not permitted. 2. PVC has always been fully aware of the land use designation and the restrictions therein. 3. Residential is not compatible with the land use of almost the entire land surrounding the Outpost, which is open space. 

PVC not only changes rules, they rewrite history. Boulris claimed, “All PVC has ever asked for is a fair hearing in front of the county commission....” Really? That contradicts Boulris’ admission that PVC sought an administrative interpretation from the county regarding the limits of the Conservation designation of The Outpost. This would have circumvented a public hearing if granted. 

It’s dizzying, trying to keep up with PVC’s changing of the rules and rewriting of history.

Nicole Crosby

Co-founder, Save Guana Now

Ponte Vedra Beach