Life after the NFL

Former Jaguars start local real estate company


New NFL players across the country will be fighting for spots on the roster during the upcoming NFL preseason, while some more seasoned players may face the possibility that this could be their final year on the field. Life after the NFL can be a challenge to many, but for former Jacksonville Jaguars Kyle Bosworth and Jason Babin, the end of their football career was just the beginning.

Taking the same intrinsic approach to preparation, teamwork, loyalty and passion they had in the NFL, Bosworth and Babin recently formed Redzone Realty, a Jacksonville Real Estate Company. The concept is a true partnership, with both bringing unique skills from their individual backgrounds on and off the field to Redzone Realty.

After five seasons in the NFL, Bosworth was looking for his next move.

“The transition out of the NFL was tough,” he said. “Finding a position in corporate America is challenging—especially when your entire life has been dedicated to living and breathing football.”

Inspired by his mother-in-law, “Real Housewives” star Jeana Keough, Bosworth turned to real estate and investing and flipping houses.

“After my first successful renovation and sale, I felt like I was on opening kickoff again,” he said.

Two years later, Bosworth is a licensed agent in multiple states, specializing in client relations, with the ability to offer a full range of moving experience.

Babin was a 2004 first round draft pick and a two-time Pro Bowler, completing 12 seasons in the NFL. His post-NFL career began before he was drafted, however, with the inception of Bronco Development, which specializes in master-planned communities, custom houses and light commercial.

“From the beginning, I understood the importance to have a game plan off-season,” Babin said. “I grew up with a father who was a general contractor and spent many years gaining hands-on experience and learning the ins and outs of commercial and residential development.”

Understanding the difficulties that former NFL players face after life in the league, Babin and Bosworth saw a need to be filled.

“Today’s NFL player has an average career of 3.4 years,” Bosworth said. “They usually have no work experience, do not have a college degree and have soft skills that cannot be learned. They are known as self-starters, team players and have a winning mentality, however that is not enough for many corporate offices in America.

“Our vision is to establish at least one Redzone Realty office owned and operated by a current or former NFL player in every city that an NFL team exists. We believe in giving players a second chance after their football career so that it can be as – or more – fulfilling than their first.”

Babin and Bosworth have decided to focus their flagship Redzone Realty office in Jacksonville. To learn more about the company’s services, available listings and team, visit