Local author’s book tells story of therapy dog


Katherine Scott, a local author and therapist living in Ponte Vedra Beach, has announced the release of her book, “The ‘Tail’ of a Trio.” It is to be published by Atmosphere Press.

The book has been compared to “The Invisible String” meets “The Worry Bug.” It helps children learn to process their emotions, hold nonjudgmental space for others' experiences, develop a healthy relationship with their mental health and destigmatize therapy through the playful use of a therapy dog.

“The ‘Tail’ of a Trio” is based on a true story about a therapy pup and her genuine connection with two neighbor dogs. This whimsical story captures how Addie, the therapy dog, helped these pups heal from the adversity of abandonment and anxiety stemming from growing up in the pound.

The book is ideal for people who work with kids in a therapeutic setting, school counselors and parents who want to raise emotionally intelligent children.

According to one reader review: “Scott teaches the importance of patience and kindness and how this can transform your life and the lives of others.”

For further information, go to readersfavorite.com/book-review/the-tail-of-a-trio.


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