Local realtor upgrades homes with his own remodeling business


Ponte Vedra resident Randy Coryell can sell a home and upgrade it, too.

A realtor for Sotheby's International Realty, Coryell is also the owner of Rocland, a local remodeling business that upgrades homes and prepares them for sale.

Originally from Southern California, Coryell was the CEO of a manufacturing company in Atlanta for 22 years before he sold his business and relocated to Ponte Vedra in 2008. As he sought his realtor’s license, Coreyell met with Sotheby's representatives because he wanted to get a feel for the local market. He eventually landed a job as a realtor for First Coast Sotheby's.

Today, Coryell has enhanced his work by utilizing his remodeling business to upgrade homes for both Sotheby's and non-Sotheby's clients.

"I act as a consultant to people quite often just individually," Coryell said in an interview with the Recorder. "I'll do a design for somebody, architectural stuff and structural stuff but when we actually get in there and do renos, Rocland is the company we use."

After learning about Sotheby’s, Coryell said he was "very interested" in what the realty company was doing on a global marketing level.

"No one does distribution of property like Sotheby’s," he said. "Not even close."

Unlike other realtors who might not connect with buyers and sellers, Coryell said he brings "more empathy to the table than the average guy," because he's been personally involved with the real estate market for years.  

As for the future, Coryell said he'll be doing more estate management and more business on a global scale with clients from around the world.

"I've been to Costa Rica and I've met people in Australia," he added. "The opportunities are endless."

Coryell, 61, has shown no signs of slowing down. The realtor said he is “cranking up,” while others his age are preparing for retirement.

Miriam Rock, who described herself as the realtor’s "good friend," noted that Coryell offers a unique set of skills not found elsewhere in the field. For example, Rock said Coryell can upgrade homes using his own crew and get them ready for sale without inconveniencing the property owner.

"Most realtors tell you, 'Do this, do that, get somebody to do this,'" Rock said. "They might suggest somebody but he can actually get it done so it was a really nice experience working with him.

"He's also doing some other work for a friend of mine," she added. "The nice thing is he has the added expertise of talent himself where he can make good suggestions for how things should look, and he has very good taste."

Rock owned her home for 17 years before Coryell helped her sell the property last December. According to Rock, the Sotheby's realtor is trustworthy, dependable and "a great talent."

"He has a great crew of people that he can call on for just about anything you need," she said. "I was very blessed to have his expertise in helping me out plus being able to sell the house."

For more information on Coryell’s services, email the realtor at randall.coryell@sothebysrealty.com.