Local roots evident in Krieger’s latest album

Album cover pays homage to time in Ponte Vedra


Although Allegra Krieger is in New York City trying to make it in the music industry with a career as a singer/songwriter, it is her time spent growing up in Ponte Vedra that continues to inspire her music.

The 26-year-old recently released her third album in March and not only is the music inspired by her past, but the album’s cover is a photo of her as a child diving into a pool at their former Ponte Vedra home.

“I love that picture because I’m in midair and it’s like I’m equally joyful and scared at the same time,” Krieger said. “It’s a perfect moment.”

According to Krieger, she falls into the folk/songwriter genre with her music stylings, as she wants people to find meaning in her work and see it more than just a catchy tune.

“I want people to find a sense of hope and an understanding that it’s the small things in life that happen every day and find depth in that,” Krieger said. “I just try to be honest with my music. It’s a very cathartic thing for me, and I would do it even if I wasn’t pursuing a career.” 

She works nights as a bartender in New York City, and often finds time in the mornings to sit down with her guitar and a bunch of coffee to work on possible song lyrics.

Performing live and going on tour is something she was not able to do the past couple of years, but she recently wrapped up her first tour since the pandemic, hitting stops such as Los Angeles, New Mexico, Austin, Texas and New Orleans.

“It was pretty exhausting, but it was nice to get back out,” Krieger said. “I was able to stay with friends when I could along the way.”

Throughout the tour, she drove herself which offered plenty of time to think and even come up with ideas that may spark future songs.

Her latest album was recorded in California, where she spent seven days recording 10 songs.

“I write a lot and I feel it’s helpful for me to play the songs in front of an audience, because you get an idea of how songs are received and which one’s people enjoy,” Krieger said.

She has found over the years that how she approaches the show can vary based on the audience she is playing for.

“There’s a lot of variety in my songs, and I feel like I can cater my set depending on the situation,” Krieger said.

Music has always been something she has been interested in and learned to play classical piano at an early age as part of a chorus program at Christ Episcopal Church in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Her mother also spent time teaching kindergarten at the church.

Krieger’s latest album is called “Precious Thing” and can be found by going to all the music downloading platforms and allegrakrieger.com.


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