Marsh Landing WGA tournament results


The Marsh Landing Women’s Golf Association held its Member-Guest tournament Oct. 27 and 28. The Ibis Classic muddled through the rain and the extraordinarily high tides, and the event was a great success with a step-aside on day one and two best balls of the foursome on day two.

A donation was made by the tournament to the Wish For Our Heroes charity which helps military families with extraordinary expenses and special requests.

Overall Low Gross: 231 – Isobel Spink, Ana Leaird, Betty Jean O’Steen and Donna Fiedorowicz

Overall Low Net: 194.2 – Leigh LeMoyne, Jan McManus, Susan Goodall, Lynn Blasser

White Ibis Flight Net Winner: Sara Strom, Erica Schneider, Mary Lester, Sharon Sherrod

Sacred Ibis Flight Net Winner: Peggy Reale, Catherine Rosso, Kelly Stokes, Maryann Imbriani

Scarlet Ibis Flight Net Winner: Elana Dietz, Judy Tyndal, Beverly Tremel, Cath Roden