More than $54M in state funding secured for St. Johns County

Funding for infrastructure and resources for homeless pregnant women included in the state’s budget


The St. Johns County legislative delegation has secured $54,777,323 in appropriations for critical county projects that will improve the quality of life for county residents.

The state’s budget includes dollars for road improvements, flood mitigation, special high growth-high performance funding for St. Johns County schools, septic-to-sewer installations, dune restoration, funding for the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind and assistance for charities helping homeless pregnant women in the county.

State Sen. Travis Hutson, Rep. Cyndi Stevenson and Speaker-designate Paul Renner secured this funding for St. Johns County.

“We have seen unprecedented growth in St. Johns County,” Hutson said. “I’m proud to have worked with Speaker-designate Renner and Rep. Stevenson to bring these dollars home to address our critical infrastructure needs, which will relieve pressure on our roads and schools. Although we are still subject to a veto, we are in a great position to receive funding that will help our county. This money is going to make a huge difference.”

Sidewalks on Palm Valley Road and St. Johns Parkway, four-lane construction for County Road 2209 and State Road A1A intersection improvements are among the infrastructure projects funded in this year’s state budget.

"We are incredibly grateful for the strong and committed representation we have in Tallahassee,” said St. Johns County Administrator Hunter Conrad. “Every project funded by these appropriations is crucial to our county's future.”

Homeless pregnant women in St. Johns County could soon access vital resources thanks to a $3.5 million appropriation for Alpha Omega Miracle Home. Christopher Shee, founder and CEO of MasterCraft Builder Group, said the funding would allow Alpha Omega to start construction on a new campus in St. Augustine to assist young mothers with basic necessities such as housing, food, clothing, childcare and a career center.

“It’s a true privilege to be part of building this campus, and we are all so incredibly excited about this appropriation,” said Shee. “Not only does Alpha Omega help them get on their feet again, but they also empower these women with getting on a career path.”

“On behalf of the St. Johns County legislative delegation, I am proud that our collective efforts allowed for legislative and budgetary victories benefitting local families, businesses and our environment,” said Renner.

St. Johns County’s coastal communities, such as the City of St. Augustine Beach, would also receive a significant boost to fund drainage improvements and flood protection projects.

"We are very thankful for having strong representation at the state level with Speaker-designate Renner, Sen. Hutson,and Rep. Stevenson,” said City of St. Augustine Beach Vice-mayor Dylan Rumrell. “This session has been historic to St. Johns County. As vice-mayor of the City of St. Augustine Beach, I am grateful for the generosity and help they have given our community.”

The City of St. Augustine also secured budget approval for two significant projects, the West Augustine septic-to-sewer project and a new fire station on Anastasia Island.

“These dollars allow us to continue the septic-to-sewer project that we have been making progress on over the past several years with help from the legislature,” said St. Augustine’s Assistant City Manager Meredith Breidenstein. “It also helps us to begin design of a new island fire station.”

“This funding is going to make a difference for families and the people of St. Johns County for years to come,” Stevenson said. “I look forward to discussing the items with the governor and continuing to work with our outstanding county delegation as we move forward.”

The St. Johns County projects and initiatives that have received appropriations include:

  • Johns County School District — $11,422,223
  • Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, Kramer Hall Renovation — $3.5 million
  • EPIC Recovery Center Women’s Substance Use Residential — $750,000
  • BRAVE: Be Resilient and Voice Emotions — $3 million
  • Flagler Hospital CAIR Center — $8,015,100
  • FACT TEAM serving Putnam and St. Johns County — $3 million
  • Ponte Vedra Beach, North Beach, and Dune Restoration II — $1.7 million
  • City of St. Augustine Beach Flood Reduction — $90,000
  • City of St. Augustine Beach Resiliency and Flood Protection — $1.2 million
  • West Augustine Septic-to-Sewer — $2 million
  • City of St. Augustine Fire Station — $500,000
  • Flagler College Institute for Classical Education — $5 million
  • Alpha Omega Miracle Home Campus - $3.5 million
  • Johns Parkway Sidewalk — $800,000
  • R. 2209 Four Lane Road Construction — $8 million
  • Palm Valley Sidewalk — $800,000
  • State Road A1A Corridor Intersection Improvements — $1 million
  • tag! Children's Museum — $500,000


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