NeuroNow: Pioneering personalized neurology care in North Florida


In the heart of Jacksonville, a revolution in neurology practice is taking place under the guidance of Dr. Jason Siegel.

After 10 years at Mayo Clinic Florida, Siegel embarked on a new venture. In 2022, he founded NeuroNow, a direct specialty neurology practice that prioritizes the patient-physician relationship, offering personalized care for a range of neurological conditions from dementia to concussions.

While at Mayo, he published more than 40 articles and seven book chapters and gave numerous other abstracts and presentations. He held leadership roles in the departments of neurology and critical care medicine and earned the Mayo Brothers Distinguished Fellowship Award. These credentials, with his board certifications in neurology, neurocritical care and brain injury medicine, set the stage for the innovative approach to NeuroNow.

Siegel treats a broad spectrum of neurological conditions, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, migraines, strokes, epilepsy and concussions. NeuroNow distinguishes itself as a small, personalized practice. Run alongside his wife, Breanna, Siegel ensures personalized care where patients feel genuinely heard and understood.

In 2024, Siegel introduced BrainShield, Florida’s only preventative neurology program. BrainShield represents a proactive stance on neurological health, employing comprehensive evaluations to identify and mitigate risk factors for neurological diseases.

Local business owner Tim Broderick of Broderick Design Co. shared his experience.

“Approaching 50, I've prioritized preventative health care,” he said. “Discovering NeuroNow's BrainShield was pivotal. Dr. Siegel is phenomenal, simplifying complex concepts and guiding you through the process. BrainShield has been a game-changer for me, empowering me to take charge of my neurological health.”

“I’m proud to be enrolled in the BrainShield program,” said Kelley Pierce. “It’s a comprehensive look at my risk factors for getting brain diseases like dementia and stroke.”

Patients have the flexibility of seeing Siegel in various settings: at his office on Southpoint Boulevard, via telemedicine or in the comfort of their own homes. This accessibility underscores Siegel’s dedication to removing barriers between patients and quality neurological care.

NeuroNow and BrainShield represent Siegel’s vision for the future of neurology: a future where patient care is personalized, preventative measures are paramount and access to care is seamless.