New dental office offers relaxing, spa-like atmosphere


Most people dread a trip to the dentist’s office. Between the stress of handling insurance coverage, booking an appointment and possibly needing work done, it is no wonder we do not normally associate the word “relaxing” with a dentist visit — but, for a new office in Nocatee, relaxing is exactly what they strive to be.

Dr. Pauline Le, a Jacksonville resident with a passion for health and wellness, opened her new dentist office/spa named Le Dental Spa at the end of September.

Le has a notable presence on social media, where she shares videos and photos of the procedures she offers in her office, as well as tips and tricks on the best ways to take care of your pearly whites. She enjoys having such a vast platform to help educate people on how dental health can impact more than just your mouth.

“It is not your typical dentist’s office. We have definitely honed in on making it feel more like a spa,” Le aid. “We want to make our patients feel relaxed.”

Focusing on natural lighting and general coziness, Le and her team worked together to ensure that the office is a safe space for patients. There are TV’s mounted to the ceilings, candles lit around the room, the option of pillows, blankets and even a selection of beer and wines.

“I went into dentistry because I love building relationships with people,” Le said. “It is not just a one-time visit. I am going to see you for the rest of your life, if I am doing something right.”

For opening her first solo practice, Le knew that the Jacksonville/Nocatee area would be the perfect location to draw in like-minded patients.

“In Nocatee, people really care about their health and well-being,” Le said. “They like to take care of themselves, and at this point in my career, I like to be surrounded by people who think the same way I do.”

At the opening celebration back in September, Le’s office hosted guests in the parking lot of the office building, where it catered food and offered drinks. Guests were also lucky enough to receive an early tour of the office and meet staff members.

“It has been super rewarding treating people the way I want to treat them, the way they deserve to be treated, without any restrictions from insurance companies,” said Le.

Le Dental Spa is accepting new patients every day. Guests can choose from Le’s extensive list of fillers and botox treatments or visit the spa for cleanings, whitenings and other dental procedures. You can learn more about the Spa on its website at or find it on Instagram at @ledentalspa.


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