New Wells Fargo financial advisor comes to Ponte Vedra


A new Wells Fargo financial advisor is now offering his services in Ponte Vedra.

Bryan Fazio, a senior financial advisor, certified financial planner and a graduate of Merrimack College with a Bachelor of Arts in finance and accounting, recently moved to the area. He offers financial advice and a customized investment plan to clients who are retired or close to retirement.

Fazio works on the investment side with a focus on fixed income, municipal bonds, corporate bonds and dividend paying stocks. Essentially, he offers financial advice for retirement-age clients who are transitioning into the next stage of their lives.

“So, when people, the lay person, you’re looking to do some investing whether you’re 50 years old or 90 years old, there’s going to be part of that portfolio that’s going to be bond or fixed income or CD investing,” explained Fazio. “I tend to focus in on that safer side of people’s portfolio.”

The advisor set his sights on the Ponte Vedra area following an event at Sawgrass in late 2014; his wife familiarized herself with the community while her husband attended meetings.

“I'm at meetings during the day, my wife was driving around and one thing kind of led to another,” he said.

In June 2017, Fazio moved to Ponte Vedra from Sarasota with his wife and children because he was impressed with the “family orientation” of the community.

“I have two little girls, a 4-and a 2-year-old, so schools are at the top of the Richter scale,” added Fazio. “Being in the line of work that I’m in you can’t just move to any town you like as much as I’d like to believe that, so wealth is also important.”

The Wells Fargo financial advisor noted that his line of work can positively impact the Ponte Vedra community by incentivizing the next generation to remain in the area or return after going to college.

"I look down the road and say, 'This is a great community now,' but I think the importance of making sure this community continues to remain a great community, is making sure that next generation is involved," Fazio said, before adding that he intends to help the community grow. "I think as an advisor, working with families and wealthy families in that side is making sure…your kids are coming back and spending quality time in this community."

Citing a study showing that 92 percent of people who work with a financial advisor achieve their goals, Fazio said his clients will benefit from seeking guidance and being asked tough but necessary questions.

“There’s a reason why the top players in golf, you know they all have coaches, it works in the same capacity on our side,” he asserted. “We’re going to be able to, I feel, advise people to do things that sometimes gets them out of their comfort zone but is in their best interest.”

To contact Fazio, call (904) 361-7047 or email