New York Butcher Shoppe operating out of new location in Ponte Vedra Beach


Despite rumors that the New York Butcher Shoppe has closed, the local favorite is still open for business at a new location in Ponte Vedra Beach.

 The owners moved the establishment to a new address in 2017 after operating near Beach Diner for six years. Staci Manis, co-owner of the Ponte Vedra location with husband Bob, said they moved the shop last year to make it more accessible and visible.

"It's a better location," she asserted. "There's more visibility, and we can be seen from the road."

Manis emphasized the franchise is still up and running as usual, and those who are confused about the whereabouts of the new location can visit the shop at 240 A1A North in Unit 4, which is in the same plaza as Stellers Gallery and Zoe’s Kitchen.

"We're still here," Manis said. "We're ‘next door’ as always. For those of you that can't find us, we're looking to get back on everyone's radar.”

Manis said the most difficult aspect of moving was the permit process, inspections, storing equipment and rebuilding.

She explained that the New York Butcher Shoppe carries lamb, pork, chicken, beef, sausages and more, along with pastas and various Italian foods.

"We are a high-end meat shop," Manis said. "We are all-natural, hormone and antibiotic-free. We have prepared food that are ready to take home and pop in the oven. They're all made prepared in house."

The New York Butcher Shoppe is unique, the co-owner said, because of its customer service and quality.

"Everything we bring in is something we stand behind because we believe it's good," she added. "We want our customers to be satisfied; we want them to know they can come here and find good meat or a good meal anytime they need to."

Manis also noted that the store offers vegetables and other sides in the back.

"Our ingredients we use to make our foods are always in the back, and they're always available," she said. "If a customer wants sour cream, we'll throw a tub of sour cream together. If we can help you avoid another stop, we're more than happy to. We will sell you vegetables and more, it's just a matter of people asking us."

For more information, call the business at (904) 686-1652.