Nocatee community embraces Holbrook Law


As one of many recent additions to Nocatee’s growing business community, Holbrook Law has fully embraced its new home, and according to Managing Partner Jason Holbrook, the community is returning the favor.

“It’s great,” said Holbrook, who resides in Nocatee’s Austin Park neighborhood. “The community has embraced us. We have developed a relationship with the community where the folks who have hired us and we’ve helped with any number of things continue to call back, or they’ll send their friends and family. And those are really the strongest recommendations.”

Founded in 2012, Holbrook Law specializes in personal injury, estate planning and business law. Prior to founding the firm, Holbrook was the head of the Jacksonville Civil Litigation department at a statewide insurance defense law firm.

“At my prior firm, I did high exposure litigation, mostly defending companies in catastrophic claims, along with a variety of other defensive civil lawsuits,” Holbrook said. “When I opened this law firm up, I decided that in addition to continuing to do what I had been doing, I also wanted to be able to help individuals, families, businesses, etc. with the variety of legal needs that they may have.”

Now located at 466 Town Plaza Ave., Suite 310, in Ponte Vedra, the firm has changed addresses several times over the years to account for growth in both business and staffing.

“I originally opened the office in Jacksonville off of Butler Boulevard. … I moved into a larger office, and then another larger office, and then in 2015, my family moved out to Nocatee. We loved the neighborhood, the community and everything about it, and then we came across the offices that were being built here, and I thought it was a no-brainer. It was a perfect fit.”

For Holbrook, the best part about living and working in Nocatee is the support of the greater community.

“Even though it’s a strange amalgam of people that have migrated their way into Nocatee, including a lot of people from various other parts of the country, it’s a great array of backgrounds, but they all come together within the single community,” he said. “They band together to support local businesses, stick up for each other and help each other out.”

That neighborly spirit, Holbrook said, is something that he tries to incorporate and reflect in his law practice.

“We try to treat what we do more as guiding and counseling folks to get them the correct result that they need, as opposed to billing them for as much as we can get out of them,” he explained. “We live here, we work here, and we take great pride in trying to help people the best that we can, and not necessarily taking every penny from them while doing so.”

Now, having experienced the community as both a resident and business owner, Holbrook said he is confident he made the right choice in relocating to Nocatee, stating: “It’s a great place to live, it’s a great place to work and I haven’t looked back since.”