Nocatee women gather to build relationships based on commonalities


A group of about 30 Nocatee women recently gathered at the Coastal Oaks clubhouse for “Tea with Grace: An opportunity for gracious conversation among women.”

 Held Sept. 30, the event brought together women from different cross sections of the community to mingle and celebrate their similarities and differences, as well as to discuss ideas to enhance the community. The women hosted Grace Wilson, the wife of Sen. Bill Nelson, as the event’s guest speaker. Nelson, who asked for non-partisan attendees, discussed how women can build relationships based on commonalities rather than focusing on differences.

“A few of us had the pleasure of meeting her [Nelson] at a recent event,” said event organizer Tiffany Davis-Baer in an email. “Our conversation centered around…wanting to pull women together in a non-partisan forum to discuss matters important to them. We believe we all have common interests, and we can work together for common causes.”

Davis-Bauer said the group hopes to host the event each year, inviting a different speaker each time.