Ocean Palms Otter Run raises $90K


This year, Ocean Palms Elementary School embarked on its annual Otter Run with school mascot, Ollie, at the helm. Starting on Sept. 25, he set off on an imaginary journey across the country, fueled by none other than the students at Ocean Palms. Moving one mile per minute classes participated in P.E., he traveled to New York, Alaska, California, Arizona and more. All the while, this otter community raised money for the school — $90,000, in fact.

During the final leg of the journey, students participated in the Otter Run, donning class-themed costumes and running the final laps to bring Ollie home! Ollie arrived safely home, and the students celebrated hitting their fundraising goals with crazy hair and hat day, by duct taping administration to the wall at lunch, and with a sumo wrestling face off among teachers and staff!

Phil Squatrito from Training for Warriors led the school at the pep rally before the run and also oversaw the run with health and fitness inspiration. Additionally, Fishman Pediatric Dentistry sponsored this high-energy event.