Pop singer-songwriter Caitlin Mahoney to perform at Blue Jay Listening Room Nov. 4


This week, Florida-native singer-songwriter Caitlin Mahoney will return to the Sunshine State to promote her new album “Story Still Left to Be Told.” On the list of her upcoming shows is a live performance at the Blue Jay Listening Room in Jacksonville Beach Saturday, Nov. 4.

Mahoney, a pop musician who credits Bruce Springsteen and Sara Bareilles as her main sources of inspiration, said that her new album is all about self-discovery.

“Story Still Left to Be Told’ is an album of growth and learning to be enough for yourself, instead of feeling like you have to rely on other people,” she said. “It’s about identity and the journey it takes to get there.”

Dedicated to the cause of female empowerment, Mahoney said she felt it was important that she incorporate that into promoting her new album.

“All of the merchandise and everything surrounding this album features female art—everything has been female-driven,” she explained. “It felt like an opportunity to collaborate specifically with women and prioritize them and highlight what women can do.”

Although she now resides in New York City, Mahoney said she was excited to be heading back to her roots.

“I grew up in Orlando and went to Florida State, so Florida has a big place in my heart,” Mahoney said. “I still have a pretty big community there, so it’s exciting to book new shows and bring a bigger band with me and do more of a production. And with this new record, I just wanted to bring that back to Florida.”

The Blue Jay Listening Room, which opened in August, is located at 2457B Third Street South in Jacksonville Beach. Mahoney’s Nov. 4 performance will begin at 8 p.m., with the doors opening at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25 each and can be purchased via www.904tix.com.