Power Tee added to golf course at U.S. Air Force base in Japan


Golf-Tech, the world leader in golf range automation, announced it recently installed Power Tee at the Chibana Golf Course at the United States’ Kadena Air Force Base on the island of Okinawa, Japan.

Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, and the Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi, have been using Power Tee for more than a year and many others are considering adding it to their facilities. Power Tee, which is based in Ponte Vedra, makes practicing golf more productive by allowing golfers to hit more quality shots per practice session in a controlled environment. 

Endorsed by professionals like the 2018 Ryder Cup Captain Jim Furyk, of Ponte Vedra Beach, and golf instructor Mitchell Spearman, Power Tee is credited with helping golfers improve faster because they practice with no interruptions, such as re-gripping the club and the stance realignment that usually accompany the manual teeing-up process. Golfers simply wait for the ball to automatically appear and then swing to develop a rhythm that increases muscle memory.

According to Martin Wyeth, Golf-Tech founder, CEO and creator of Power Tee, there are many benefits to the system. 

“It’s great for clubs and practice facilities to provide all golfers a means to perfect a swing in a consistent, fun and focused practice session,” he said.  “It’s perfect for junior golfers who have a more difficult time concentrating, and it’s ideal for our wounded warriors who may have restricted mobility as they can hit more balls.”

 Wyeth also noted more than 50 percent of the commercial golf ranges in the United Kingdom are currently automated with Power Tee.

“Now we are eager for every golfer in USA to learn about Power Tee and how it can improve his or her game,” he said. “And [we] are extremely proud to be working with the United States Armed Forces supplying our servicemen here and overseas with something they will not only benefit from but enjoy.” 

Colin Baesler, PGA professional and golf course manager at the Kadena Golf Complex, noted customers are already enjoying the addition of Power Tee to the driving range. 

 “Our entire membership, regardless of skill or fitness level is benefitting from the advantages Power Tee provides because it offers something for everyone,” Baesler said.  “It’s especially beneficial for junior golfers since they can get through a lot more instruction in a lesson period when they don’t have to bother with teeing up golf balls.  We are incredibly happy to have this available to our customers.”

For more information about Power Tee, call (877) 769-3781 or visit www.powertee.com.